Bee log for 2016-04-29

I’ve also retroratcheted blogging and todoisttime down to not having quite such a ridiculous buffer, and upped the rate on todoisttime now that I’ve got a chunk of time in it (it was previously at 0.4 stochastic hours, now it’s at 1.5).

New goal: I want to share more interesting links, and I feel bad about the fact that I just post my own stuff there, so I’ve created a goal for sharing links on This required a mild amount of open source hacking to make this possible to do.


Bee log for 2016-04-27


  • I decided that contracts are in the same category as documentation and do not count towards my nonfiction goal.
  • I didn’t real intend to spend 3 hours reading today, but that’s probably about right in real as well as stochastic time. I didn’t really have the brain to focus on the stuff I actually wanted to work on so I read as a useful thing to do.

Bee log for 2016-04-25

New goal: Email

This is a tagtime goal for spending time interacting with email in some capacity (reading, writing, managing, etc). This was done in response to Glyph’s post about email. He’s right that email isn’t really the problem, but given that it’s my most common manifestation of the problem, spending more time doing it is a good way to stop being so aversive about it.

New goal (actually from yesterday): todoisttime.

Tagtime goal spent amount of time using todoist. Either actually using it or spending time on tasks in it. This is yet another attempt at getting me to organise my time a bit better – I really like todoist, but todo lists are also aversive for me.

New goal: credibility

Another time goal. Time spent working on things from the credibility code.


Bee log for 2016-04-25

I’ve thrown my back, so I emailed support today to get all my exercise goals suspended for two days. I’m also just generally completely knackered which somewhat limited my productivity.

I did get some nonfiction points counted today though.

Schedule disruptions

I’ve been at a conference this past week. It was weird what this did and didn’t do to my schedule.

In general the problem was not one of available time but reliability of time.

Tagtime goals became almost impossible to achieve – the problem isn’t that they took up too much time, but the variance was too high. In my normal schedule if tagtime decides that I need to spend four hours reading, that’s OK.

Keeping this blog up felt like a struggle, but I think that was mostly because it was quite new and I didn’t have the relevant habits.

Exercise goals were totally fine, at least until I pulled my back on the last day (I’m not really sure how I did that. I think soft hotel bed might be the problem).

Blogging was fine – I had to squirrel away some time to write a post, but that was achievable and it just became a matter of getting it done then.

Anyway, the conference is over now and normal schedule should resume tomorrow.