What’s all this then

I decided it would be interesting for me to keep a daily log of how Beeminder affects (mostly improves) my life.

This will mostly be a daily log of things I’ve done  (or not done, but I don’t actually use do less goals) that have contributed to progress on a Beeminder goal. It will also contain some general musings on my usage of bees.

Hopefully this will be interesting to people, as it’s useful to see how others use a tool, but it’s in large part just a personal log for me to look back over over time.

Naturally, there is a Beeminder goal for keeping this updated. It’s currently set to 5 postings a week. Given that hardly a day goes by without me doing something for Beeminder (mostly because my exercise and nonfiction goals are set at a rate that realistically I’m going to have to make progress on them 6 days a week to keep up with), that shouldn’t be hard to achieve and is mostly a “Don’t forget about me” goal.


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