Schedule disruptions

I’ve been at a conference this past week. It was weird what this did and didn’t do to my schedule.

In general the problem was not one of available time but reliability of time.

Tagtime goals became almost impossible to achieve – the problem isn’t that they took up too much time, but the variance was too high. In my normal schedule if tagtime decides that I need to spend four hours reading, that’s OK.

Keeping this blog up felt like a struggle, but I think that was mostly because it was quite new and I didn’t have the relevant habits.

Exercise goals were totally fine, at least until I pulled my back on the last day (I’m not really sure how I did that. I think soft hotel bed might be the problem).

Blogging was fine – I had to squirrel away some time to write a post, but that was achievable and it just became a matter of getting it done then.

Anyway, the conference is over now and normal schedule should resume tomorrow.


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